SOB肉汤培养基,即用型,生工,A510864-0005 5/PK

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SOB肉汤培养基,即用型,生工,A510864-0005 5/PK



SOB Broth, as a rich medium, is used for the cultivation strains of E.coli. By placing the bacterium in this rich medium, perforations are being created in the bacterial cell wall. Thus, they are being prepared for the introduction of foreign DNA into the cell, and to help survive this process, they are placed into this rich, isotonic environment.


Each capsule contains 6.1 g of SOB medium, is used for 200 ml liquid medium.


Tryptone 20.0 g; Yeast extract 5.0 g; Sodium chloride 0.5 g. MgSO4×7H2O 5.0g. pH(25°C):7.0~7.4.

规格 5/PK