NZCYM肉汤培养基,生工,A507010-0100 100g

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NZCYM肉汤培养基,生工,A507010-0100 100g



NZCYM, NZYM and NZM medium formulations are used to propagate bacteriophage, lambda. (Blattner, F, et al (1977) Science 196, 161)For optimal binding of phage to cells, add 0.2% maltose to medium to induce the lambda receptor (LamB) on the host cell. Maltose induction of the lambda receptor is not recommended when making liquid lysate phage stocks because liberated phage will bind to membrane fragments containing a high concentration of phage receptors. SuperBroth is an extremely rich medium for obtaining high yields of lambda bacteriaphage in liquid lysates. (Brotstein, D et al (1975) J. Mol. Biol. 91, 439)


Used for maintenance and propagation of E.coli. Microbiologicaly tested.


Usage: 23.0 g/L


NZ-Amine A 10.0 g; Casamino Acid 1.0 g; Yeast Extract 5.0 g; MgSO4×7H2O 2.0 g; NaCl 5.0 g.

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